the soul purpose of happy hearted tee is to create consciousness through the power of words.

be conscious of how your life feels. be conscious about the products you buy.

  • game changer

    i'm not here to play the game.

    i'm here to change it.

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  • freethinker

    open eyes keep an open mind.

    question everything.

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  • magic maker

    we believe in something bigger:

    the universe, nature or karma.

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she was fascinated with words.

to her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion

that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells.

-dean koontz


back print hoodie

the happy hearted tee back print hoodie collection is made of organic cotton, so... 

happy hearted collectables

selected items that are a fun addition to the happy hearted tee's... 

made with love

a collection of custom made designs for my happy hearted tribe, unique items... 

  • 100% organic cotton

    the products of happy hearted tee contain no residues of toxic chemicals.

  • honest fashion.

    the products of happy hearted tee are produced under fair working conditions.

  • 100% vegan.

    the products of happy hearted tee are free from the exploitation of animals.

because sustainable makes more sense